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  • Note: Updating credit cards on your web subscription account may result in a temporary verification hold of $1 on your account. This is a fraud protection measure and will be released by your bank within 3-7 days.

  • If your expired METRO fare card has a balance, you can still ride METRO until the balance has been used up. If your expired METRO fare card has a subscription, please cancel this feature.
  • Once the balance is depleted, obtain a new METRO fare card from METRO or your local retailer.There is no charge for the card. Note - an expired METRO Fare Card cannot be reloaded.

  • Any funds loaded onto your METRO Q Fare Card or METRO Day Pass, through the METRO website, may not be available for 24 to 48 hours. The funds added will not appear as part of your balance until after you tap your card.

  • For additional information call 713-635-4000 or email